Notorious Habits of Birmingham Photographers!
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Unfortunately, just like the rest of the population of photographers in the world, Birmingham photographers have their own notorious habits. A Birmingham photographer may or may not be guilty of the following bad habits.

Careless with white balance settings

Some photographers are just careless with white balance. Some have even forgotten that there is such a setting. Placing white balance at auto will have them struggling to batch edit photos. You would know if there was a white balance problem if your photos ended up bluish in tinge.

Settling for shots

An amateur Birmingham photographer may settle for less. He will take a picture that he finds good enough and keep that, instead of looking for better shots. This is a notoriously bad and lazy habit that should be exposed.

Poor composition

Some people think that anybody could be a photographer. That is not true at all. People can learn to take photographs, but not everyone will take good photographs. Some photographers, at the point when they are already considered professionals even forget to take well-composed photos. They just snap and then crop using software to get the photo that they want.


Photographers anywhere can become victims of self-doubt. Self-doubt is a notoriously bad habit because nothing can be achieved if the photographer himself is having some issues with his own ability. A photographer should trust his eye and continue training himself to meet other people’s expectations.

Photographers in Birmingham and elsewhere have some habits that they should get rid of. However, clients can still steer them towards their own preferences.

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